Corporate Wellness and Fitness

Bring health and wellness to your employees!

Good companies are always looking for ways to benefit their employees.  FitFx can provide nutritional, fitness, and wellness protocols that will help your employees feel better, have more energy, and be healthier.  Programs range from Lunch-and-Learns, wellness/fitness seminars, One-on-One nutrition consultations with employees, to working with the cafeteria or lunch provider to optimise a healthier menu.  We also work with schools to provide students with healthier menu choices so they can excel while in the classroom.

Why Corporate Wellness Programs?

Everyone benefits!

Physically active employees are less likely to be overweight, have fewer chronic health conditions, have lower levels of stress, miss fewer days of work and are more productive than their sedentary co-workers.  By helping employees become more physically active, a corporation can lower health care costs, decrease sick days, and increase productivity.

The average wellness program R.O.I. (return on investment) is about 3:1 over a 36-month period.  Meaning that for every $1 invested in wellness programs, the average employer can expect to save close to $3 on health care costs and approximately $3 on absenteeism. 

Not a bad return-on-investment!

The advantages of FitFx’s Corporate Wellness Programs are highly beneficial to a company’s employees. As workplace wellness programs become more popular and widespread, leading companies know that a small investment in the health and well-being of their employee’s yields a much greater return than ever expected.

Our vision for your company is to make your workforce healthier and happier.  We maximise participation, measuring individual and group progress of any implemented wellness program. We can customise programs that are well-suited to the goals of your business and the enjoyment of your employees.



  • Nutritional Assessments

  • Weight-Management Campaigns

  • Biggest Loser Challenge

  • Personalized Meal Plans

  • Nutrition Education Seminars

  • Healthy Detox Workshops

  • Lifestyle Consultations


  • Health & Fitness Assessments

  • Team-Building Motivational Seminars

  • Personalized Active Lifestyle Programs

  • Health & Fitness Seminars

  • Lifestyle Consultations

Team Building & Wellness Challenges

  • Employee Olympics

  • 21 Days To A Healthy Organisation

Customised packages are available to suit your company’s needs, interests, and budget.
Prices reflect the number of employees and frequency of requested service(s).
Please contact FitFx for more details regarding our fantastic corporate services and packages!