Health & Well-being

The WellnessFX program focuses on improving health and wellness within a group setting. A certified FitFX coach will work with you, along with other group members, through our on-line training platform and provide:

Improving Health & Wellness

  •  A regular exercise routine that is easy to follow
  •  Meal plans and dietary changes that will be focused on the goals at hand
  •  Tips and secrets on stress management, relaxation techniques, and adequate sleep
  •  Nutritional supplement recommendations for overall well-being
  •  A unique experience which allows you to reach your personal goals along with other like-minded individuals
  •  Encouragement and support from your peers as you all strive to achieve personal goals.
  •  Design and implement a plan for life-long wellness habits
  •  Unlimited support and encouragement every step of the way!

** The minimum time required to make new habits is three months. Achieving wellness is a process requiring practice and, like any habit, it takes time and commitment. A three-month minimum commitment is required to ensure your success. You may continue your program after the initial 3 months. **